(G)nosis & Robohemoth 

Robohemoth is a recording engineer and producer whose musical style allows him to mix multiple genres with a notably distinguished sound. Over the past decade he has surveyed the music world in great length; working with several bands, DJ's, and recording artists as an expert in audio. in 2014, his project: "Wall Street Government" was successfully funded through kickstarter. 

(G)nosis is a celebrated artist, lyricist, and humanitarian who has spent much of his time working with non-profits; inspiring, teaching and empowering youth through music. In recent years, he was placed on the CMJ Hip-Hop Top 40 music charts, ranking humbly above such legendary acts as Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill, De La Soul and more.

Together, (G)nosis and Robohemoth combine the timeless and contemporary to bring out the kind of sound reminiscent of the Motown sound. While boasting the technological capabilities and power of modern electronic music, they also pay homage to their hip hop roots with brilliant & informative rap verses . Top this off with social commentary, political undertones, and a desire to unify the world, and you'll have all of the elements which make up the fabric of NO ROBO

The Band

Top (Left to Right): Suvi, Sara Santilli - Bottom (Left to Right): (G)nosis, Robohemoth, Nipun Nai r

Top (Left to Right): Suvi, Sara Santilli - Bottom (Left to Right): (G)nosis, Robohemoth, Nipun Nair



NO ROBO is the combined effort of a culturally diverse, modern quintet which fuses multiple styles of music and highlights important issues facing the modern world. The group is comprised of acclaimed artist/musicians: Sara Santilli, SuVi, Nipun Nair, and led by (G)nosis & Robohemoth. Other worldly influences are introduced through the incredibly diverse singing styles of Sara & SuVi, complementing their range of old-school funk, jazz & hip-hop all the way through to modern electronica. 

Sara Santilli is a highly decorated funk-pop singer/songwriter from Rome, Italy. She was nominated for her solo single “Slow Rider” for “Best Blues Single 2014”, and earned her first award at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards with her single “I Drank In The Air”. This single is also featured in the Italian short movie: “Leggere Salva La Vita”.

SuVi is widely recognized in the Bollywood scene as a brilliant recording artist. She has been contributing her innovative talents by fusing together her Eastern musical influences with contemporary Western sounds, ranging from Pop, Rock, and R&B to Motown and Hip Hop.

Nipun Nair is not only No Robo’s lead guitarist, but a gifted musician and composer, adept at playing a multitude of instruments in a variety of musical genres. He has had years of private study under many world reputed musicians, working with Joe Maye (The voice), performing CALIBASH 2017 at the Staples Center with Anthony Cruz (X-factor),  and assistant producing Stephan Baldwin's Musical productions with Barbara Cohen. Nipun has also had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Grammy-nominated and Multi-Gold and Platinum ASCAP Award winning producer Rafael Esparza Ruiz, Rubens De La Corte, Ed DeGenaro, Lyndon Rochelle and more.